It’s 55 days until The Dragon Stoorworm is published. If you are unable to contain your excitement, here’s the full cover artwork.

The first animal characters I’ve ever even done (for a sample brief thing).

Bus driver-

I’m sketching out a rough for a STEW article. It’s challenging because I’m illustrating someone who was an actual living influential human being (not the bus driver) which is something I never really ever do.

But It’s the good kind of challenging.

I’ve been really quite busy, and it’s been ages since I’ve worked on some ideas- 

This is a quick sketch of two ladies that I’ve had some fun ideas for but I don’t know.

Floris Books Autumn catalogue-

It’s really weird having done all the work quite a while ago, and knowing that no one is going to see any of it until September.

I haven’t seen the printed book yet, and I’m very nervous/completely terrified. But also I think I know it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and that makes me happy.

This is 40 years on from the earlier image.

Again. I’m not really sure/content.

A piece for Oxford University Press - I think that the old man and the lady are vampires, but they are either nice or full because they don’t eat the dashing man.

I don’t really understand whats going on, I just try and make things look nice.

B o O b s

I’m a bit surprised this blog hasn’t been requisitioned due to lack of use. I’ll aim (+ fail) to be better.

Some things-

- I’ve only gone and illustrated a whole book. Publication date/launch party/exhibition event is happening in September, I’ll probably defiantly go to that.

- I took on a commission for Black Beauty, knowing full well horses are the things I find hardest to draw more than anything else in the world. It’s only a matter of time before the publishers go in another direction (I’ll think less of them if they don’t).

-The lady in the corner of the my dentist’s office doing all the dental administration (tooth-min) filled out all my details on to the previous patient’s files. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to cause a fuss and I like watching other people make mistakes.

- I’ve been thinking a lot about how this is the tip-top best I’m going to look, and can’t help feeling that puberty could have done a better job.

- The Great British Sewing Bee taught me that making your own clothes is a big turn on for me.

- I’ve been getting to know my mum’s boyfriend; last night we watched a documentary on british sewer systems.

- My village is shunning a particular neighbour because she did something unforgivable/unspeakable, and I’m finding it terrifically hard because my natural/overriding instinct is to give compliments (it’s the only thing I can do at all well).

- If I ever have children, (unlikely) I think I know what modeling agency I’m going to sign them up with.

- I like being around when someone is told to calm down.

- I’ll be posting some work for a recent commission I did next week (probably, I don’t know). It’s about stylish vampires in Downton Abbey times. The story is still quite hard for me to follow, I think the lady character is an old woman in a young woman’s body.

- One of my main strong opinions (I have very little/if any) is that everyone should have a clear idea of what hobby they’ll take up in their old age. Mine is trains. I not going to fight it.

- My big main issue with the film Frozen is that they go on for a long time complaining about suddenly being cursed with an eternal winter, when their main export is ice (there’s a whole song about it at the start).

- My friend texted me - she thinks she’s pregnant because she hasn’t had a period for a while. I promised not to tell anyone. I’ve told E V E R Y O N E.

- I feel reassured that I’ve got backups when my Gran says she’s praying for me.



It’s been quite a long while since I’ve done a round up, which is because I was either very busy/doing very little or nothing.

  • It’s nearly Christmas because I’ve already watched Kristie Allsopp make something old into something glittery.
  • I am illustrating my very first children’s book. I have a very strict timetable, with roughs for the entire book due at the start of December (I haven’t even started). March is the deadline for the whole book. I particularly like that the brief stipulates it’s going to be a beautiful book.
  • My dog got bit in the face by and adder and it swelled up to twice it’s actual size and then burst all over me.
  • I’ve been working on spreads and character designs for another book that I’m worried about because of the first book’s quite soon deadline.
  • My first mulled wine of the season spurred me one to tell a friend’s friend that I married a girl called Gazebo so she could stay in the UK to finish her series of children’s books about bestially. My second mulled wine led me to tell the same boy that I have three children called Santos, Claude and Bridget. Claude is the 3rd best under-ten-chess-champion in Wales. My sixth mulled wine made me ask a girl if I could stroke her plait like a horses mane.  
  • I check youtube at least one a week to see if there are any videos of the Princes calling the Queen Granny.
  • A friend took me to a vegan cafe and was like I don’t mean to be dramatic but I’d rather consume myself than eat this stupid food (and I still don’t really understand because she eats meat like nobodies business).
  • I’ve illustrated an article on deportation for a new children’s magazine called Stew (It comes out in January) 
  • I think my neighbour knows I call him Pedo-phil. Which I’m sure he isn’t, but I don’t like that he sometimes shines a torch at my window in the middle of the night.
  • Cornwall County Council has tracked me down by means of my Linkedin profile to make me pay back my library fines. 

p.s my dog is ok now.

This is an example of some of the work I’ve done for the ss Great Britain (Lionhouse were the creative genius’s behind the campaign). It was very good experience and I learnt a lot.

I still don’t know how I feel about what I produced.