It’s 55 days until The Dragon Stoorworm is published. If you are unable to contain your excitement, here’s the full cover artwork.

The first animal characters I’ve ever even done (for a sample brief thing).

Bus driver-

I’m sketching out a rough for a STEW article. It’s challenging because I’m illustrating someone who was an actual living influential human being (not the bus driver) which is something I never really ever do.

But It’s the good kind of challenging.

I’ve been really quite busy, and it’s been ages since I’ve worked on some ideas- 

This is a quick sketch of two ladies that I’ve had some fun ideas for but I don’t know.

Floris Books Autumn catalogue-

It’s really weird having done all the work quite a while ago, and knowing that no one is going to see any of it until September.

I haven’t seen the printed book yet, and I’m very nervous/completely terrified. But also I think I know it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and that makes me happy.

This is 40 years on from the earlier image.

Again. I’m not really sure/content.

A piece for Oxford University Press - I think that the old man and the lady are vampires, but they are either nice or full because they don’t eat the dashing man.

I don’t really understand whats going on, I just try and make things look nice.

B o O b s

I’m a bit surprised this blog hasn’t been requisitioned due to lack of use. I’ll aim (+ fail) to be better.

Some things-

- I’ve only gone and illustrated a whole book. Publication date/launch party/exhibition event is happening in September, I’ll probably defiantly go to that.

- I took on a commission for Black Beauty, knowing full well horses are the things I find hardest to draw more than anything else in the world. It’s only a matter of time before the publishers go in another direction (I’ll think less of them if they don’t).

-The lady in the corner of the my dentist’s office doing all the dental administration (tooth-min) filled out all my details on to the previous patient’s files. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to cause a fuss and I like watching other people make mistakes.

- I’ve been thinking a lot about how this is the tip-top best I’m going to look, and can’t help feeling that puberty could have done a better job.

- The Great British Sewing Bee taught me that making your own clothes is a big turn on for me.

- I’ve been getting to know my mum’s boyfriend; last night we watched a documentary on british sewer systems.

- My village is shunning a particular neighbour because she did something unforgivable/unspeakable, and I’m finding it terrifically hard because my natural/overriding instinct is to give compliments (it’s the only thing I can do at all well).

- If I ever have children, (unlikely) I think I know what modeling agency I’m going to sign them up with.

- I like being around when someone is told to calm down.

- I’ll be posting some work for a recent commission I did next week (probably, I don’t know). It’s about stylish vampires in Downton Abbey times. The story is still quite hard for me to follow, I think the lady character is an old woman in a young woman’s body.

- One of my main strong opinions (I have very little/if any) is that everyone should have a clear idea of what hobby they’ll take up in their old age. Mine is trains. I not going to fight it.

- My big main issue with the film Frozen is that they go on for a long time complaining about suddenly being cursed with an eternal winter, when their main export is ice (there’s a whole song about it at the start).

- My friend texted me - she thinks she’s pregnant because she hasn’t had a period for a while. I promised not to tell anyone. I’ve told E V E R Y O N E.

- I feel reassured that I’ve got backups when my Gran says she’s praying for me.