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The Dragon Stoorworm is out.

The dog is based on my actual real life dog, Sparky.

Assipattle isn’t based on me, it’s just coincidence that we look identical. 

Coincidences happen otherwise there wouldn’t be a word for them.

An illustrated self portrait for an interview with Floris Books/Kelpies, that will probably appear at some point today.

From rough to artwork.

Today I am promoting The Dragon Stoorworm, written by Theresa Breslin. If you don’t like it look away. 


(Above) Dracula rough (the book I’m currently illustrating)

Not Really News and Things

  1. It’s 18 days until ‘The Dragon Stoorworm’ is published, which I’m kind of excited about because I’ve been waiting for people to see it since March… and on this, there is an exhibition in December/January showcasing the work I and my fellow illustrators (Ruchi Mhasane and Philip Longson) have contributed to the Traditional Scottish Tales series. (I’ll probably provide more information when I’ve fully read the email I received quite a while ago).
  2. Don’t eat at my Gran’s house on a Tuesday, the food will invariably be some left over part of an animal that grosses most people out. ‘Tripe Tuesday’ is a popular theme.
  3. I am really good at finding celebrity’s real facebook profiles.
  4. My high school P.E. teacher/now personal trainer has a tumblr, and I’ve been anonymously cyber bulling him for the whole of this summer (the fourteen year-old me vowed to make him pay for handing me a hockey skirt when I asked to borrow some spare kit).
  5. It upsets me when I go to an ethnic restaurant with my Dad and he orders his food in the accent of where the food comes from.
  6. The nearest lace making class is forty miles away (I want a hobby. I’m worried I have no hobbies).
  7. We now have robots on the farm that I live on - The only thing you need to take from this is that they don’t look like humanoid, space age, robots from china that talk/occasionally dance, like… *tries to think of any robots I can give as an example and realises the robot genre isn’t for me*. 
  8. I think my Mum has set up an online dating profile for me because I’ve started receiving subscription emails. I wasn’t sure how to address the matter… and I know you’re reading this Mum… so have you? and if so…could you not, unless I’ve had any interest, then thanks!
  9. My friend saw my ‘YOU CAN DO IT MATTHEW’ and the ‘BE THE MATTHEW YOU WANT TO BE’ playlists on my ipod. It’s made our friendship matter less, to both of us.
  10.  I’m still keeping up with my new year’s resolution - ‘put on a bit more weight so strangers describe me as ‘jolly’.

It’s 55 days until The Dragon Stoorworm is published. If you are unable to contain your excitement, here’s the full cover artwork.

The first animal characters I’ve ever even done (for a sample brief thing).

Bus driver-

I’m sketching out a rough for a STEW article. It’s challenging because I’m illustrating someone who was an actual living influential human being (not the bus driver) which is something I never really ever do.

But It’s the good kind of challenging.